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. >> reporter: the avalanche of documents, most of them classified secret, shows how the u.s. has been losing the war in afghanistan one day at a time. >> the real story of this material is that it's war. it's one damned thing after another. >> reporter: julian assange the head of wikileaks which posted the documents on the web hopes researchers will mine them for a real picture of the war. this new trove covers six years of war in afghanistan through kind of reports both accurate and inaccurate every commander receives at his morning briefing. >> small arms fire and rpg. >> reporter: for instance, this report of the first use of the heat-seeking surface-to- air missile against an american aircraft. a weapon that would cripple u.s. air power if the taliban ever got them in large numbers. most of the reports document what is already well known. for years the u.s. has not had enough troops in afghanistan. resulting in this record of a remote outpost calling for help as they are nearly overrun. we are taking casualties. enemy in the wild. the afghan government has been corrupt and inefficient. a
in u.s. sports history. james said he didn't make up his mind until just before last night's announcement. >> i'm going to take my town to south beach and join the miami heat. >> reporter: the announcement set off wild celebrations in miami and anger in cleveland, where former fans burned james' number 23 cavaliers jersey. >> that's the absolute worst decision ever. queen james, not king james. >> i'm looking forward to it. >> reporter: james insists he never wanted to leave the cavaliers but decided it was time to move on. by signing with miami, he left more than $30 million on the table in cleveland and he joins his former olympic teammates dwyane wade and chris bosh, forming a super trio james says gives him the best chance to win a championship. >> it's going to give me the best opportunity to win and to win for multiple years. and not only just to win in the regular season or just to win five games in a row or three games in a row. i want to be able to win championships. and i feel like i can compete down there. >> reporter: the cavaliers' owner dan gilbert is outraged
on all that's gone wrong. mounting u.s. casualties, civilian casualties, afghan government corruption and claims that pakistan is helping the taliban. >> the fact is the revelation of these documents, these raw reports real he'll brings to the foreall of the core challenges that we've been facing in afghanistan for a number of years. >> reporter: the war funding bill now goes to the president for his signature, but it only funds the war for a few months so another big battle over paying for the war in afghanistan is just around the corner, katie. >> couric: this question probably reflects what a lot of americans are wondering given the fact that the u.s. gives pakistan billions of dollars in aid every year. that is, can pakistan even be called a partner at this point? >> well, despite all those claims in the wikileaks documents the white house says yes. number one they say because relations have improved significantly over the last year. number two, they say because no other country has done as much to help the united states eliminate al qaeda terrorists from the battlefield. katie. >
to come on eyewitness news. the largest spy swap since the cold war. the u.s. and russia could be trading prisoners. major developments in that russian spy ring tonight. >>> headed for the supreme court. a new development and protestors in the family of a fallen u.s. marine. >>> and here in baltimore for an opportunity to change her life forever. i'm weijia jiang at johns hopkins, with her story next on wjz eyewitness news. >>> and a live look outside. the heat and humidity are still on. don't miss the updated first warning weather forecast. ,,,,,, carmax is the smart choice because our specially trained technicians put every car we sell through a 125 point inspection. carmax is the smart choice because at carmax you get a free appraisal and your written offer to buy your car good for seven days. >>> the showdown between the westboro baptist church and a maryland marine moves one step closer to the u.s. supreme court. the church filed a brief this week, saying if actions are protected by the first amendment. >> the westborough baptist church filed this 75-page brief. attorney margie phelp
. >>> in other news, in afghanistan this morning, nato confirmed it has recovered the body of a u.s. navy sailor killed in a taliban ambush. he's identified as petty officer justin mcneley, age 30, the nephew of a colorado state legislator. he was one of two americans who went missing on friday. their shot-up vehicle found 80 miles south of kabul. the taliban claimed they captured the other sailor alive. >>> also this morning, continued fallout from a nato air strike friday in southern afghanistan. nato command is denying afghan government claims that the helicopter attack killed 52 civilians. a nato spokesman says it investigated the incident and found that six taliban fighters were killed, but no civilians. >>> in washington, the obama administration is in full damage control mode following that huge leak of military secrets. more than 90,000 field reports from u.s. troops in afghanistan were released by the wikileaks website which says it will post even more soon. david martin reports. >> reporter: most of the reports document what is already well known. for years the u.s. has not had enough
'll be among a group of russian prisoners traded for the ten alleged spies recently arrested in the u.s. his brother says sutyagin was suddenly transferd from a remote prison to a moscow cell. >> an international spy swap. >> reporter: while a russian television newscast trumpeted an imminent exchange, no official swap has been announced. the white house swatted away questions. >> this is, as we've said earlier, law enforcement matter. >> reporter: sources say it's likely spy deal will get done as u.s. and russian negotiators work out the details. in a possible precursor, the alleged spy arrested in virginia and boston were transferred to new york. all ten suspects will be in court there tomorrow. >> what the tea leaves seem to suggest is that you have a bundling of the individuals and the issues so that if there is a deal to be struck it can be struck quite effectively and efficiently. >> reporter: sources say a spy exchange could be a tidy ending to what's become a bit of a diplomatics me. the arrest of the ten alleged russian agents came just days after the so-called hamburger summit desi
case has put a spotlight on the u.s.d.a.'s long history of discrimination against black farmers. more about that now from national correspondent dean reynolds. >> reporter: willie adams '60-acre georgia farm has been in his family since 1938 and he wants to hold on to its red clay and green pastures for generations to come. but the fight to keep it is increasingly stressful. >> high blood pressure, almost a heart attack. (laughs) oh, yeah. a lot of stress. >> reporter: adams is one of a dwindling number of african american farmers, some 33,000 in all. >> we want equal justice! >> reporter: they're hoping congress will at last end decades of discrimination against them and appropriate the $1.25 billion they and their an ancestors won in a settlement with the department of agriculture in february. a court found the farmers had been systematically denied aid solely because they were black. loans, grants, and subsidies that white farmers received. willie adams says u.s.d.a. officials always claimed to him and other blacks that they lacked the funding. but you saw that they did have funds
. >>> it is the biggest u.s .- russia spy swap since the cold war. pinkston reports for wjz. >> reporter: one by one, all ten admitted they had used false identities and pled guilty to being russian spies. then the judge signed off on an agreement that forced the spies to leave the u.s. immediately. the attorney for suspect anna chapman retains that she is not a spy. >> she's admit that is she failed to register as an agent of a foreign government. >> but she was trying to get information for a foreign government, russia. >> reporter: none of the people were providing information -- >> none of the people were providing information that could not be ready obtained by internet. >> reporter: four people in custody in russia will be sent back here. among them spy yugo who passed details to u.s. these are a good deal for both spy. >> we add administrated a spy. federal officials have not revealed what if anything secrets the spies passed to moscow. but officials do not believe any information was revealed. >>> mta is taking new action to address problems head on. wjz is live at penn station. new at 11:00, k
, defeating the neatherlands in the soccer finale as fans here in the u.s. celebrate. and to kill a mockingbird, the 50th anniversary of harper lee's bestselling novel and the town that inspired it. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with russ mitchell. >> mitchell: and good evening. there are high hopes this sunday in the gulf, on this day 83 of the oil spill. b.p. says it hopes to completely cap the gushing well by mid-week, but the company is not making any guarantees. here's the latest: a navy blimp has begun to look for oil and distressed wildlife in the gulf. oil continues to flow tonight as b.p. crews work on the new containment system, and the obama administration says it is optimistic that new system will work. mark strassmann has the latest this evening from grand isle, louisiana. mark, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, russ. b.p. is now staying by wednesday its new cap could stop this spill, a seal so tight not one drop of oil would escape. but for now every new drop is gushing into the gulf. now this is a runaway well. b.p.'s gusher, its
. hundreds of homes have been evacuated. overseas tonight, two u.s. service members are missing in afghanistan and may have been captured by the taban. our terry mccarthy is embedded with u.s. troops in helmand province, he joins us tonight. terry, this story, highly unusual. what do we know right now? >> reporter: jeff, this is a very bizarre story. apparently the two u.s. service members were c.v.s returning from a training mission about five miles south of kabul and appeared to be kidnap bide the taliban somewhere on their trip back. the taliban themselves have told cbs news they kidnapped these two men with 10 taliban on the road and removed them to a secure location. the bizarre thing about the story, however, is these two men appear to be traveling on their own. this is not normal practice for u.s. force nozz afghanistan. normally, they would be in a convoy of at least two if not more vehicles. jeff. >> glor: tersecond question, the u.s. is reporting the death of five more than troops in afghanistan raising this month's death toll to 56. "newsweek" magazine with a provoca
times" was granted early access to the documents and say they also is suggest the u.s. feared that pakistan may have actually helped the taliban. in a statement sunday, national security adviser general james jones called the leak a threat to national security, which could put the lives of americans and our partners at risk. the documents are largely what's called raw intelligence, reports from junior officers in the field that analysts use to advise policymakers. the wikileaks website first gained international attention in april when it posted this classified helicopter cockpit video of a 2007 attack in baghdad. the clip apparently shows u.s. army helicopters firing on suspected insurgents. but among the dead were believed to be two journalists. the military has charged 22-year-old army specialist bradley manning with passing along the information. as for this latest leak, one u.s. official says it may take days to comb through all of the documents and figure out exactly how much damage has been done. and the site says the documents, quote, don't generally cover top-secret o
jailed in their native country for helping the u.s. landed in washington today. the flight followed that big spy swap. justice correspondent bob orr has the details of the exchange. >> reporter: the spy swap was completed on an airplane tarmac in vienna, austria. a chattered vision airlines jet carrying the ten secret agents expeld from the u.s. pulled directly behind a russian plane carrying four prisoners from russia. from a distance, waiting vans could be seen shuttling the former captives from one plain to another as the spies literally traded places. within 90 minutes, the planes took off. the ten from the u.s. headed for moscow, the four are from russia to london and washington. the spy trade was engineered by c.i.a. chief hraoepd and mikhail fradkov, the head of russian intelligence. at the same time, u.s. officials saw an opportunity to free long-jailed russian spies who had helped american and british intelligence. >> most of them just for the money. >> reporter: one of those freed is former k.g.v. colonel gennady vasilenko. he was identified by robert hanssen, an f.b.i. tu
as the u.s. and russia completed a trade of secret agents. after less than two hours on the ground, both planes took off. a plane landed in london and another touched down in moscow. ten spies working for the government pleaded guilty in a court to working as unregistered agents. in exchange, russia freed four people including a scientist. in an interview for "face the nation" eric holder says that the deal is good for the u.s.. >> essentially, we orchestrated a swap. we have the access to the four people charged in russia with conducting the intelligence activities. >> reporter: obama administration officials say that the swap had the highest levels of approval. this is common from the cold war, but usually after years in jail. the spies in the u.s. revealed their identities in court. it was not a happy out come for this lady. >> >> she would have preferred to stay in the united states. she started a business here and the business was doing very well. >> reporter: they won't be able to replace their lost income by doing deals for books and movies and anything else. any profits will go t
between the westboro baptist church and the family of a maryland marine moves one step closer to the u.s. supreme court. the church filed a brief this week, saying its actions are protected by the first amendment. >> reporter: the westborough baptist church filed this 75- page brief. attorney margie phelps will argue the case in front of the supreme court. she defended the church members' protest outside of matthew schneider's funeral in 2006. >> it is everybody's first amendment right to go to a public plot and speak on public issues. who in the world is not talking about the dying soldier? >> reporter: the kansas state believes the u.s. military deaths are god's punishment for tolerance of homosexuality. in the argument, phelps argues its actions are protected by the first amendment. not so says the father of the fallen marine. al schneider talks about the upcoming case. my son and hundreds of thousands of other men and women have died to protect freedom of speech. and to have a group of 80 people degraded and mock it is disgusting. >> in a separate legal brief filed with the court, 48
for wjz on the latest. >> reporter: this is logar, the reach wherein two u.s. sailors disappeared in afghanistan. a massive air and ground search is under way to find them. representatives told cbs news they've been take ton a secure -- taken to a secure location. two navy service members left their base in kabul friday then disappeared in the logar province, a region crawling with taliban fighters. the local afghan chief said fighters tried to stop the sailor's vehicle, but when it kept going, insurgents opened fire and the troops shot back. the only u.s. soldier believed to be held by the taliban is from i'd owe. he disappeared in 2009 and only reappeared on videos posted by the taliban. while troops search for the serviceman, others continue to come under attack. although troops survived this roadside bomb attack with only minor injuries, the u.s. military says five american soldiers have been killed in separate bomb attacks saturday. last month was the deadliest for u.s. forces in afghanistan since the war began. now american troops can only hope their two missing colleagues
officials in effect accused wikileaks and its source within the u.s. military of murder. >> the truth is, they might already have on their hands the blood of some young soldier or that of an afghan family. >> reporter: in what appears to be an attempt to build a criminal case against julian assange, the head of wikileaks, secretary gates asked the director of the f.b.i. to join the investigation. >> the battlefield consequences of the release of these documents are potentially severe and dangerous for our troops, our allies, and afghan partners. >> reporter: the documents reveal the names of afghans who provided intelligence to the u.s. their lives are now in danger. and their exposure will send a chill through anyone else thinking of helping >> will people whose lives are on the line trust us to keep their identity secret? >> reporter: the documents also provide a road map to the american military's tactics. this, for instance, is a moment-by-moment log of what u.s. troops did after specialist bowe bergdahl was captured by the taliban. the damage could get worse. >> it could be a substa
more to cover the costs of the largest oil spill in u.s. history. and bp says it will claim a tax credit for the cost of the clean-up and that could cost taxpayers about $10 billion. betty, we'll see how that goes over. >> yeah, we shall see. tara mergener joining us live in washington. thank you. >>> also in the gulf of mexico, workers are battling a new oil spill. 100-foot plume of oil and natural gas is spewing from a well head just off the louisiana coast after being struck by a passing barge on tuesday. clean-up crews already in the area laid boom around the site and it's hoped the well can be recapped quickly. >>> after months of delay in congress an emergency military funding bill is on its way to president obama. mr. obama asked for the nearly $59 billion measure in february. mostly to pay for the extra 30,000 u.s. troops he sent to afghanistan. passed by the house tuesday, it pushes the cost of the wars in iraq and afghanistan to over $1 trillion. >>> and as the cost of the afghanistan war mount, public support for it continues to decline. even before the wikileaks websit
an easy relationship with the u.s., but clinton went out of her way to show hamid karzai respect. even as she embraced the afghan government's effort to step up and take control of the country, clinton reminded delegates that there's still much work to be done. >> we have no intention of abandoning our long term mission of achieving the kind of afghanistan that president karzai set forth in his speech. >> reporter: afghan president hamid karzai said his government was ready to take more control of the war against insurgents and also the billions of dollars of foreign aid flowing in to afghanistan. but with greater control comes greater responsibility. afghanistan is one of the most corrupt countries in the world and delegates from more than 60 different countries are demanding the afghan government cleans up its act. the secretary of state was delivering a delicately balanced message. on one hand promising the u.s. has a long term commitment to the afghan cause. on the other, reminding everyone that president obama would like to see u.s. troop numbers here start to fall in a year's tim
. they will consider collecting the money through regular rate increases instead. >>> still to come, russian spies. u.s. authorities have detained a 12th person in connection with the recently exposed russian spy ring. >>> iphone issues. consumers report weighs in on the problem with apple's widely popular new smartphone. please take another live look outside. your complete first warning forecast is still coming up. ,, >>> the united states has detain add 12th person in connection with that russian spy ring. the person will be deport frltd u.s -- from the u.s. sometime today. the man is not charged with any crime. last week 10 people were sent back in exchange for four people accused of spying for the west. >>> police said the gunman who opened fire was in a bitter dispute with his dpoif. he killed two people at the plant in albuquerque before killing himself. he reportedly told workers she was going to report it before the shooting. >>> consumers report is buying apple's explanation on the phones. apple says it's dropping calls and the company blamed a formula. the magazine will not give the phone a r
the peace keeping troupes out. and u.s. officials say they'll work with the government to bring the attackers to justice. at the white house, joel brown, wjz-13, eyewitness news. >>> and the american killed, a 25-year-old nate hen was a former university of delaware student--. >> one of the girls injures is from ellicott city. >>> and the rematch is on. there's a 1 point lead for mr. ehrlich. it's still in the margin of error and shows how close the race is. mike hellgren has more. mike? >> reporter: gigi, many believe that the particular poll tilts towards the republicans. the lead had a shrink. and today, the governor says that the only survey that matters is the one on election day. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: a new report poll shows that ehrlich edging out current democrat governor alley in the race. but, it's a statistical dead heat. >> the poll tends to tilt in the direction of republicannings against the democrats. and this is not just a few times, but over a lot of polls a lot of times. >> reporter: the key for mr. ehrlich is getting democratic votes to win. the
, thank you. >>> and coming up, a big day in iraq. u.s. troops take another step closer to a targeted withdrawal and a judge is taking on the new immigration law. are there more challenges on the way. and take another live look outside. enjoy the forecast. it's still coming up. but martin o'malley went to work. cutting $5 billion in waste and government spending, while also making opportunities for middle class families a priority. freezing college tuition four years in a row, record investments in our schools, and tax credits for small businesses to create jobs. while other states are still struggling, martin o'malley is making the tough choices... to move maryland forward. >>> it's a milestone day in iraq, the u.s. troops hand over the control of the detention facility. and this is a push for complete sovereignty. the u.s. is ready to pull out all forces by september and the remaining troops will be with drawn by the end of the next year. [ indiscernible ] >> and in iran, a nuclear scientist returned after a stay in the u.s.. the man claims he was abducted by cia agents. he came to
deek -- gone dikay. >>> the team dubbed the barefoot bandit makes his first appearance in a u.s. courtroom today. colton harris-moore was extradited to the u.s. from the bahamas. he is charged with committing a two-year string of break-ins and theft. >>> harris-moore, arriving in miami. back in u.s. soil for the first time in nine days. awaiting his next court hearing. as the 19-year-old faces charges for a two-year crime spree that spanned at least nine states and canada. accused of burglarizing at least 100 homes. and stealing five planes. >> i absolutely expect him to spend time behind bars. these are serious times, especially stealing planes and crashing planes. that is not taken lightly in the united states. >> reporter: on tuesday afternoon, bound in shackles, but with shoes this time, the barefoot bandit was led away from a bahamian court. after only being charged with and pleading guilty to illegal entry. he paid a $300 fine which was picked up by the u.s. embassy. >> well, we tried to get this. >> reporter: this, despite a gun-carrying crime wave in paradise, that alleg
this exchange can take place, but sources say the deal will get done. u.s. officials aren't saying whether one of the biggest spy swaps in decades is about to go down. >> this is a -- as we said earlier, a law enforcement manner. >> really, i'd have to refer you to the justice department. >> reporter: but according to the family of a russian scientist convicted of spying for the u.s., that's exactly what's about to happen. dmitry sutyagin told reporters that his brother igor is among those who could be traded as early as today for the ten russian spiz arrested in the u.s. they are accused of living formal lives in america while acting as secret agents. they would want some sort of a confession before swaps could take place. guilty pleas mean both countries could avoid a high profile, lengthy trial. spies were transferred to new york where all will be arraigned today. american officials have also met with the russian ambassador. >> what the tea leaves seem to suggest is that you have a bundling of the individuals and the issues, so that if there is a deal to be struck, it can be struck quite ef
comes amid the worst oil spill in u.s. history. >> compared to last year the gas prices here are 12 cents higher, that's consistent with the national average. >> the good news is that the prices are not near the mark like they were back in 2008. and in our state 658,000 people are expected to travel. 92% will be driving. law enforcement officials are out in force. and they will ride the routes and state police droppers are targeting reckless and impaired drivers. >> it will affect driver's judgment, their reaction time, motor skills and memory. it is a national issue. >> reporter: the policy director joined maryland law enforcement launching a new campaign raising awareness of drugged driving. >> we're focusing making hundreds of arrests for this violation pgh . >> reporter: for those avoiding the roads, air travel will bounce back with a 9% increase. regardless of how you get to your destination... >> be focused. avoid distractions. >> if you are in baltimore city 50 tax service is available for those in bars and restaurants. it does not include private parties. write the number
was misunderstood. >>> and in afghanistan this morning, u.s. forces are fighting under a new commander. general david petraeus said on the fourth of july that the u.s. and its allies are, quote, engaged in a contest of wills and he intends to win it. joel brown has more. >> reporter: the 130,000 troops in afghanistan have a new leader. >> we are in this to win. that is our clear objective. >> reporter: general david petraeus, form soon to command forces in kabul, taking oef from general stanley mcchrystal, fired last week after the general and his aides were quoted mocking the obama administration. >> we have arrived at a critical moment. >> reporter: petraeus says despite the change in command, the mission in afghanistan remains the same. >> we must help afghan leaders develop their security forces and governing capacity so they can over time take on the tasks of securing their country and see to the needs of their people. >> reporter: petraeus takes over as u.s. casualties are on the rise and support for the nine-year-old war shrinks back home. the general who led the surge in iraq will try t
to see leave. in mexico, at least three people have died as a result of this storm, but so far in the u.s., early reports indicate no deaths, serious injuries or major damage. emily? >> okay. whit johnson, thank you, on south padre island. thanks, whit. >>> while alex stayed south of the gulf oil spill, the big storm whipped up high waves that stalled cleanup efforts and pushed more oil-polluted water inland. mark strassmann has that part of the story. >> reporter: leoda bladsacker walked on to grand isle beach worried. what do you see? >> what do i see? i see alex churning up that gulf and churning up that oil, and i know before it's over with, we're going to get a bunch of it, just when. >> reporter: when? right away. bladsacker looked behind her, one tar ball, then hundreds more, some actually washing over the boom in churning waves like this one. see this oil? it's also new, pushed to shore by alex. all summer long, that spill out on the gulf will be the wild card in what forecasters say will be a very active hurricane season. the good news, a hurricane's force should help break up or
has more on the sputtering economic picture. >> reporter: the fact that u.s. businesses added only 83,000 jobs in june is a sign experts say the economy isn't recovering nearly fast enough. this comes after plummeting home sales in may, down 30%. auto sales are down 4.7%. factory orders fell 1.4%. the first drop after nine months of improvement. still, washington is at odds over how best to tackle the nation's financial woes. president obama believes more stimulus is needed to keep the sluggish economic recovery going. today he scolded republicans for failing to extend unemployment benefits before the fourth of july recess. >> republican leaders in washington just don't get it. >> reporter: but government stimulus increases the deficit, and republicans wanted to see how the benefits would be paid for before they passed them. >> we can't support job-killing taxes and adding tens of billions to the already unsustainable national debt. >> reporter: some economist argue spending is the only way to fully emerge from the recession. >> most people i know work for money, so you have to put th
was the pay master for the ten alleged russian agents arrested last week in the u.s. cyprus police said today they have metsos' laptop computer and some u.s.b. plug-in memory stick which is u.s. authorities have requested. meantime, an american geologist convicted of spying on china was sentenced to eight years in prison there today. chinese authorities say he was stealing state secrets when he gathered information about china's oil and gas wells. u.s. officials have called for his immediate release. still ahead on the "cbs evening news," the statue of liberty gave him goose bumps. an immigrant's love letter to america. and up next, the ripple effect. how the disaster in the gulf is hurting a secretary in los angeles. jirjs meet the recommended daily intake dults don't for all vitamins and minerals through diet alone. that's why there's... it helps provide key nutrients your body could be missing. one serving of boost contains twenty-six essential vitamins and minerals plus 10 grams of protein. these nutrients help promote bone health and muscle mass to help keep your body moving. achieve a b
last monday. swiss officials refused to report him to the u.s. where he's wanted for a 1977 child sex case. still ahead on tonight's "cbs evening news," the military changes tactics in its fight against suicide. a completely blocked artery, >> glor: officials in afghanistan today reported the death of five nato soldiers, including two americans, one killed by a road siem bomb in eastern afghanistan, the other in the south. a record 60 americans were killed in afghanistan last month. and the military's also grappling with an equally devastating problem, suicide byer service members. >> reporter: june was not only the worst month ever for american combat deaths in afghanistan. it was the worst month ever for suicides in the army. a total of 32 soldiers, both active duty and reserve, took their own lives in those 30 days. so far this year 145 soldiers have committed suicide compared with 130 during first six months of last year, which at the time was the worst on record. in an attempt to reverse the trend, the army released a suicide prevention video in which specialist joseph saunders,
, caught in the u.s. hours earlier, the high stakes spy exchange unfolded in vienna, austria. two planes sat on the tarmac. the 10 were on one. four russians jailed for supplying information for the west were on board the other. including scientist igor sutiaga. those four headed to a military base in london. in an interview for face the nation, attorney general eric holder said the u.s. got a good deal. >> we essentially orchestrated a swap. so that we had access or got that for people who had been charged in russia with conducting intelligence activities on behalf of western countries. >> reporter: a u.s. official tells cbs news that the cia director personally worked out details with his russian counterpart. once they had an agreement, president obama himself okayed the deal. >> reporter: the 10 russian spies pleaded guilt to acting as unregistered agents as a foreign country. one of the few who operated under her real name was anna chapman. like the others, she'll have to start a new life in russia. >> i think she'll spend time with the family and make a decision about whether she wa
trial. >>> u.s. news and world report is out with the annual best hospital rankings. johns hopkins is tops again. hopkins has the top ranking for the 20th year in a row. hospital plays first in five specialties and ranked in the 11 ward categorys. good smair didn't hospital and union memorial also made the list. >>> in the health watch report, dick cheney is recovering from surgery after doctors installed a pump to help his heart work. >> reporter: this device known as an l mad is helping former vice president dick cheney's heart pump blood. it relieves pressure on the heart by rerouting blood headed for the left ventricle. >> one goes to the left ventricle or the muscle of the heart and the other in to the aorta, the artery taking blood away from the heart. this device is outside the patient. this is their battery powered part of the device, they are attached to this for the rest of their lives cheney who has had five heart attacksish issued a statement saying the operation went well and expected to resume usual activities. in the past the machines have been used temporarily to bu
. the taunt came on the same day a "washington post" report said the u.s. intelligence community has become so massive no one can say if we're safer now than we were nine years ago. here's our justice correspondent bob orr. >> reporter: just a month after 9/11, president bush created the office of homeland security, pledging to spare no effort in stopping the next terrorist attack. >> we're going to be ongoing and relentless. >> reporter: in the nine years since, there has been no major attack, but the government has spent hundreds of billions of dollars creating a sprawling top-secret intelligence complex which the "washington post" concludes is bloated and inefficient. >> overlapping agencies doing overlapping things. >> reporter: reporter dana priest led a two-year investigation that's revealed mind-bonding numbers. there are now 3,200 government organizations and private firms working on homeland security, counterterrorism and intelligence. 854,000 people hold top-secret security clearances. and analysts published 50,000 intelligence reports every year. but the newspaper found the effort t
of revealing names of russian undercover agents. u.s. attorney general eric holder in an exclusive interview for cbs' "face the nation" told bob schieffer it's a good deal for both sides. >> and we essentially orchestrated a swap so that we had access to... got back fur so people who who had been charged in russia with conducting intelligence activities on behalf of western countries. >> reporter: the lawyer for suspect anna chapman also praised the swap, celebrating his client's freedom. >> she is happy to be out of jail. >> reporter: the spy arrests were announced just days after president obama and russian president medvedev met for hamburgers to reset relations. and the revelations were embarrassing for both sides. the russians managed to have secret agents here for years, most of them embedded as american couples in the suburbs of washington, boston, and new york. but at the same time, the f.b.i. was on to them, tracking their movements for years. the spy swap now ends a dicey diplomatic dance. >> both countries have major geopolitical concerns at play and they want to put this case beh
angeles. >>> the u.s. consulate in juarez is closing temporarily for a security review. officials aren't saying what prompted the review, but the consulate shut down. that comes about four months after a drug gang hit and killed four people connected to the consulate, including an employee and her husband. meanwhile, igna krichlt o cor coronel has been killed in a gun battle. the mexican army calls his death the biggest strike against the cartel in years. >>> july has become the deadliest month of the afghan war for u.s. forces. three american service members died in two explosions in southern afghanistan on thursday and that brings the death toll for july to 63 americans killed. casualties have been rising steadily this year as nato forces go on the offensive against taliban strongholds. >>> in other news, the investigation into the leak of tens of thousands of afghan war documents could stretch beyond the military. terrell brown is in washington with the latest on this story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. we've always been under the impression these documents were l
of the law was appropriate. >> schieffer: abigail thernstrom, president bush appointed you to the u.s. civil rights commission. you said that all of this thing about the black panthers was small potatos. why did you say that? >> in the first place, you have two unappealing black guy unappealing because, you know, the new black panther party is unappealing. it's a racist party and so forth. they showed up at one largely black precinct in philadelphia. they stand around and wound up slap... one was slapping a billy club against his wrist. one, there is... we have no direct evidence that they actually intimidated anybody, stopped them from voting. two, we certainly have no direct evidence that anybody in the justice department said we're not going to prosecute this case because we have racial double standards. we protect blacks. we don't protect whites. my view, if anyone bothered to read my rather lengthy dissent on this issue, was that there are more important voting rights issues to talk about. >> schieffer: in fact, sources... i mean officials in both the white house and the justice departm
with the white house, publishing them gives new details on how the u.s. gathers intelligence >> they try to pull out what they can and i wouldn't be surprised if some get killed. >> reporter: the founder says it's just the beginning. the team is reviewing 15,000 war documents before releasing them. joel brown, wjz, eyewitness news >> the state department says that the president of afghanistan and pakistan were notify over the weekend that the documents were about to be made public. >>> we'll soon find out the cause of the accident that killed 9 people last june. the safety board will hear from investigators tomorrow. it will make recommendations on how to avoid a similar accidents. it's working to comply with the recommendations that will come of tomorrow's meeting. >>> a man has been struck and killed, his body found yesterday near the station north of chevy chase. officials are investigating the death, but the man has not been identified. >>> if you're waiting for someone to get home from work, let's check on the roads with sharon gibala. >>> not much to get in your way if you're heading out.
decision. can the u.s. appeal the decision. >> it was shocking. i'm running across the street and screaming. >> horrifying scene, a man throws his baby into oncoming traffic. >> cleaning up baltimore with stimulus money. see how taxpayer money is being spent. that is coming up. >>> threatening weather moves across maryland, get your updated forecast on ,, [ air blowing ] [ clattering ] [ male announcer ] when you're all out of good ideas and you've moved on to the dumb ones, it's time. american standard heating & air conditioning. a higher standard of comfort. a horrible act witnessed by residents including an off-duty police officer. a child a thrown into the street. an officer saw the man violently shake the child and throw her into oncoming traffic. she was run over but she recovered >> it was incredibly shocking. i'm running across the street and i'm screaming, it was horrifying >> police had to use a tase tore subdue the father and he was taken to jail on child en child endangerment >> some marylanders are working. >> reporter: gardener was unemployed until february when he
-profile russian prisoners is back on u.s. soil and may be returning to his home in comeysville. weijia jiang has the latest. >> reporter: many are wrapping their heads around the fact that one of the prisoners could be returning to the state to live. 59-year-old alexander spent the past seven years in a russian prison. on friday, the former kgb colonel flew into dulles international airport. he's one of four convicted of spying for the west, released by moscow in the biggest spy swap since the cold war. thousands of miles away, quiet cockeysville is what he called home since 1997. he once lived in this upscale private community on high field court and still owns a house on willow vista way where his son and family live where neighbors can't believe an espionage drama has any baltimore county ties. >> when you find out it's on your street it's shocking. >> reporter: he's long been suspected of helping the u.s. identify two notorious spies. >> whose activities on behalf of the russians cost american lives. i consider the man to be an american hero. >> reporter: when he was convicted in 2003, neigh
the u.s. may be arranging a prisoner swap. >>> and it is still hot and humid out there today. marty will be back with your first warning weather forecast. >>> complete coverage continues with don scott, and first warning weather. warning weather. it's wjz, maryry,,,,,,,,,, ok. what if i just had a small slice? i was good today, i deserve it! or, i could have a medium slice and some celery sticks and they would cancel each other out, right? or...ok. i could have one large slice and jog in place as i eat it or...ok. how about one large slice while jogging in place followed by eight celery... mmm raspberry cheesecake... i have been thinking about this all day. wow, and you've lost weight! oh yeah, you're welcome. thank you! [ female announcer ] yoplait light. with 30 delicious flavors all around 100 calories each. yoplait. it is so good. >>> ten alleged spies will be arraigned in federal court today. there's word russia an the u.s. may be considering a spy swap. a russian scientist is accused of passing nuclear submarine secrets to the c.i.a. he told prisoners he would be part of
oil drilling off the u.s. coastline. the new ban would run until november 30th if it gets legal challenges. federal courts rejected the administration's first drilling moratorium. >>> it does appear a deadly shooting rampage in new mexico was triggered by a child custody battle. it began outside a factory in albuquerque. robert reza shot and wounded his girlfriend and then entered the plant where he killed two and wounded three more before taking his own life. he fired up to 25 shots. his girlfriend is in critical condition. >>> now to the controversial diabetes drug avandia. today a panel begins two days of hearings on whether to pull the medication off the market. numerous studies have linked avandia to increased risk of heart attack and stroke. armen keteyian reports. >> we started her on avandia -- >> reporter: for dr. mary money, the medical alarm first sounded in her office 11 years ago. shortly after this country doctor first started prescribing a new diabetes drug. >> avandia has helped keep my blood sugar down for about a year now. >> the first patient that i put on the
with emily but came back to the u.s. a few days earlier are determined to continue their work in uganda. >> i am definitely going back now. i need to go back and just see all my friends there. >> god is bigger than evil. and that good comes from god. >> i am thankful to be alive. because if i would have been sitting two seats to the left i would have lost my life. because our friend becky, she's from uganda, she didn't make it. >> reporter: there are at least four missionaries with the maryland teenager who are all getting treatment. they are all expected to survive, we do not know when they will be back in the u.s. >> okay, kelly. thank you very much. this is the first time terrorist groups has attacked outside of somalia. today the group promises to kill again if troops do not leave uganda. >>> teshambe shot brown two times at a club. >>> rape suspect on the lose, police are asking for you help to find this man anthony robinson. robinson forced a 24-year-old woman into his car. he then allegedly drove her to a secluded area where he allegedly raped her. anyone with information is asked to c
to gather intelligence here. holder defended the decision to return the spies to the u.s. calling it a good move by the u.s. >>> the teenage fugitive known as the barefoot bandage has finally been caught. colton morris is behind bars in the bahamas. he committed crimes while barefoot. police believe he's stolen cars, boats, and airplanes even though he's never had flying lessons. >>> health workers are launching studies to see how they performed during the h1n1 outbreak. >> reporter: this year gets a flu shot was part of the job. >> everybody i know got shots. >> reporter: she remembers how health workers spread the word. >> we had notices on the buses and notices put in public places about washing your hands. i think the health department did a good job. >> reporter: after hosting hundredsover h1n1 flu clinics, that's the kind of feed back they are looking for and they are asking for marylanders to chime in. >> did they get the flu shot, why didn't they get it, why not. what we're trying to do is learn from the experience of last year. >> reporter: that's because doctors say the h1n1 flu i
on the streets of kabul broke out on what has become the deadliest month for forces in afghanistan. the u.s. military says the death toll has reached at least 66 with 6 more soldiers killed in roadside bombings in and an attack by ininsurgents, that breaks the record set only last month when 60 americans died. u.s. and nato commanders warn casualties may climb as forces go on the offensive. pushing further into taliban territory and taking the fight to enemy. >> 200 meters. >> see 'em. >> reporter: president obama has ordered up 30,000 more u.s. troops to afghanistan to help turn the tide against the determined taliban fighters. total foreign troop levels are now nearing a peak of 150,000 as the nine-year war rages on. gata, wjz, news. >>> the three service members killed yesterday died in two separate blasts in southern afghanistan. >>> a state delegate here plans to present a bill to bring an immigration lay similar to arizona's to our state. protests were held as arizona's immigration law came in 0 effect. now he wants them to pass what he calls "the cyst section's rights act," it would
need here and increasingly it's the u.s. that is shouldering that responsibility as secretary of state hillary clinton made clear today in an interview with cbs news. >> we have redoubled our efforts working with the afghans to improve and field a much more professional military. we think that we now are putting into place the pieces of a successful strategy. >> reporter: that strategy, sending more troops into the heart of afghan cities, has been costing a growing number of american lives. >> this is a very hard struggle, and general petraeus has said very clearly that it's likely to get worse before it gets better. >> reporter: and it's getting worse. 15 american troops were killed here just this week, putting july on track to be the deadliest month since the war began. most of the deaths occurred in or around the city of kandahar where more american soldiers are being posted to police stations, checkpoints and patrols to try and show the afghan police what law and order looks like. i was just in kandahar, and while the american presence is having an effect, the afghan security force
. >> reporter: he says some documents reveal cover-ups when u.s. or ally soldiers killed u.s. or afghan civilians. it is something pakistani leaders deny. >> the white house officials say most of the documents deal with things that occurred before president obama took office. they criticized the decision to release the documents. but also said much of what in them is not new. >> cbs news national security analyst juan zerati says most of the documents appear to be field reports and may not be fully accurate. but he agrees with the white house. publishing them gives the enemy new details. >> they'll learn from them. they'll try to pull out what they can from them. and i wouldn't be surprised if some people get killed as a result of this. >> reporter: the founder of wiki leaks says this is just the beginning. his team is reviewing another 15,000 war documents before releasing them. in washington, joel brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> tonight, the pentagon says the release of the documents does not appear to pose any dangers to the soldiers and seals. >>> the search continues for two america
of kabul broke out during what's become the deadliest month for u.s. forces in afghanistan. >>> u.s. military says the death toll has reached 66, with six more killed in roadside bombings in attacks by insurgents. that breaks the record set last month, when only 60 died. they warn, casualty may clime -- climb, as forces go on the offensive. pushing further on taliban territory. and taking the fight to the enemy. >> president obama has ordered up 30,000 u.s. troops to afghanistan to help turn the tide against determined taliban fighters. total foreign troop levels are now nearing a peak of 150,000, as the nine-year war rages on. >> charlie d'agata, wjz eyewitness news. >> improvised explosive devices, known as ied, now account for two-thirds of u.s. fatalities in afghanistan. >>> a u.s. soldier suspected in the release is now in jail. private first class bradley manning arrived late last night. he faces four charges, relating to the leak of an afghan war video to the website wiki leaks. suspected possible involvement to the same website of tens of thousands of classified documents. >
these passengers disgusted on a u.s. airways plane. >>> tim williams will be back with the weather forecast. >>> complete forecast continues with don scott, jessica car tail ya, and ,,,, it's the little things in life that make me smile -- spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum, and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in. it's about keeping the food particles out. [ charlie ] try super poligrip free. >>> al gore welcomes a renewed investigation into sexual assault investigations against him. a massage therapist claims he groped her, pinned her down inside a bed, and kissed her. her friends dissuaded her from calling police. portland police are not saying why they've reopened the investigation. >>> passengers scrambled to evacuate a u.s. airways
divide numerous homes in the u.s. and sweden. >> i know i have bitterly disappointed all of you. >> he has admitted to a string of infidelities. she has never spoken publicly. she could file divorce papers in a florida court in the coming days. joel brown, cbs news. >>> in the following weeks more than a dozen women came forward claiming woods had cheated on his wife with them. >> still to come on eyewitness news at noon, faulty iphones, what apple is saying. >> a moose on the loose. a new moose has come to town. >> gorgeous day out there. tim williams will be back with your first morning forecast. are you making it easier for bacteria to grow on your dentures? you are if you use toothpaste instead of soaking them in polident toothpaste is abrasive on dentures look, scratches where bacteria can collect and grow and bacteria can cause bad breath that's why i recommend replacing toothpaste with polident only polident is proven to clean without scratching and kills 99.9% of odor causing bacteria don't scratch your dentures clean a maryland woman loses her eye during a protest, now police
, the search for two u.s. soldiers intensifies. and slots debate. governor o'malley and former governor ehrlich weigh in on the future of slots in the state. and... >> the seventh annual family day is going on here at the druitt hills park basketball courts. we'll tell you all about the day's events. eyewitness news is seconds away. >>> good morning and welcome to eyewitness news this sunday. i'm gigi barnett. >> i'm tim williams. it 18:00. it is 85 degrees and it is already starting to warm up outside. good morning to you. >> already. >> already. how did you brave yesterday? >> i could not escape it. >> no, you couldn't. >> you tried to run from it. it caught you. >> yes had a false sense of security because you went into a supermarket or something. when you came out, reality hit quickly. yesterday, we did break records. we got to 100. the record was actually 97. we went right past that with the heat index in the teens. we're still up in the higher levels of the temperatures. take a look outside. you're already seeing the haze yesterday. hazy, hot, humid. just oppressive. really, really danger
's -- one man is in the center of it all. a high ranking kgb officer flew to the u.s. after spending a decade in a russian prison. he owned a home in cockeysville. >> reporter: good morning, some in this neighborhood knew they had a former kgb colonel living next door and as this spy story unfolded, they hoped to hear his name as a prisoner released friday. >> reporter: a plane lands friday night and bringing home two russian prisoners convicted of spying on russia for the u.s.. this man is now coming back to the cockeysville neighborhood. >> i consider him to be an american hero more than a spy so to speak. >> reporter: many neighbors know the story of about how robert hanson leaked information for more than 20 years until he was caught. the russian government said he provided his name. >> this cost american's lives. >> reporter: a total of four prisoners have been swapped for ten russian spies and that u.s. abouts arrested. this swap happened yesterday. >> in a political sense, it's a win/win. the united states did really, really well here. >> reporter: the move to the -- they move
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